About Bahamas

"They say “It’s better in the Bahamas, “ and we agree!  And it is even better when you choose to spend your time in the Bahamas by joining us for an adventure.

Why are the Bahamas so great?  It is a sea and beach lover’s paradise.   An archipelago of more than 700 islands located where the Caribbean meets the Atlantic, they Bahamas covers an area greater than 100,000 miles.  At its closest point, the islands are only 50 miles off the coast of Florida.

When Christopher Columbus first set foot on the new world, he did so in the Bahamas—landing on the beautiful island of San Salvador in 1492.  At that time, more than 40,000 indigenous Lucayan people inhabited the islands, having built their culture, society and harmonious existence from as early as 300 AD.  Unfortunately, their peaceful nature made it easy for the Europeans to take advantage of them. After 25 years of enslavement and disease, the indigenous people were gone.

In the mid-1600s, English settlers began to arrive at the islands setting up trade with the American colonies, exporting wood and importing much need food.  Around this time, the islands became ports for some of the most famous pirates the world has known, such as Blackbeard, Henry Morgan and more.

Following the Revolutionary was that established the United States of America, many British loyalists fled the USA and some made their way to the Bahamas.  They brought with them skills and expertise in construction, shipbuilding, and agribusiness. The loyalist joined together to take the Bahamas from the Spanish during the “Capture of the Bahamas” in 1783.

The Hotel and Steam Ship Service Act of 1898 brought the world to the Bahamas.  Knowing early on that tourism was the future of the islands, this act paved the way for government support of hotel construction and financing of the shipping industry.

In July of 1973, after 325 as a British colony, the Bahamas became an independent and free country.

Today, the Bahamas is one the Americas top tourism destinations.  With some of the clearest water on earth and a rich history and culture, there is something for everyone.  You can dive on the third largest barrier reef in the world. Island hop. Visit fascinating museums. Mingle with the friendly, local people.  Enjoy the unique tastes of the islands. Or just chill out with a drink in your hand on some of the world’s most beautiful beaches.

After your holiday in this tropical paradise, you too will discover why is just better in the Bahamas."


We guarantee an adventure that reflects our long standing commitment to real life-changing experiences and world-class service.